Obama Lampooned On AutoBamaCare – “Nobody considers that a tax increase””

President Obama insists that requiring Americans to get health insurance does not amount to a tax increase and that American’s will face coverage requirements similar to those for auto insurance. NOPE … I DON’T THINK SO …

With ObamaCare getting the testy exchanges “OR NOT” by the Democrats … maybe it is time to LAMPOON the pledges of the Obama Administration. Remember his testy exchange with George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s when Obama rejected the assertion that forcing people to obtain coverage would violate his campaign pledge against raising taxes on middle-class Americans.

“For us to say you have to take responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase,” Obama said in response to persistent questioning, later adding: “Nobody considers that a tax increase.”

Well We Think It Is a Tax Increase … Mr. President, and we wanted you to know.

For a belly laugh go to: http://www.teapartyhd.com/tm

For inquiries about syndication email: press@teapartyhd.com

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No Race, No Religion, No Politician Is Off Limits For “Teachable Moments” By Tea Party HD & The Black Sphere

Sen. Murkowski Asks “Republican Establishment” For Help … Just Say No – RINO? Mystery Ballots In The Alaskan Pipeline?

You know how to spot a RINO in the closet? They become Independents when they lose the Republican nomination! Will Sen. Murkowski be “outed” or will the tactics of LBJ & Al Franken be the establishment’s game? Remember, No Race. No Religion and No Politician is off limits for “Teachable Moments.”

Arriving just in time for the Mid-Term Elections, “Teachable Moments” features daily political satire minisodes where no topic is off limits. “Teachable Moments” is a co-production between The Black Sphere & Tea Party HD, and their first series is available for web and television syndication immediately, including:
o “Eyes On Sen. Murkowski”
o “What if a Republican Would Have Said That”
o “Sen. Reid and Wife Abuse”
o “The Mosque’d Avenger
o “Real Politicians of Genius”
o “The Race Card”
o “Immigrant For President”

“So the partnership with Tony Loiacono and Tea Party HD was a match made in ‘Irony’ Heaven!” said Kevin Jackson of TheBlackSphere.net. He added “politicians are an endless supply of ironies and hypocrisies; Teachable Moments educates viewers on the lunacy of government (with their own actions and words), and provides a belly laugh or two.”
“Teachable Moments” will be seen on ABC Sunday Mornings in Las Vegas beginning September 4th and include a host of characters including Red Necks, Muslims, Immigrants as well as key figures like Palin, Reid, Obama, Biden, Lady Gaga and more. For syndication for your website email: press@teapartyhd.com. For a belly laugh go to: http://www.teapartyhd.com or http://www.teapartyhd.com/tm.

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Diluting Racism to a “Trump Card” Spits in Its Face, States William Owens from Tea Party Express at National Press Club

At National Press Club Tea Party Express

National Black Conservative Speaker William Owens Calls Out “Racist” & “N” Word To Instill Respect

Racist! Racist! Racist! Are you a racist? Am I a racist? From the National Press Club, William Owens part of the Tea Party Express National Black Conservatives press conference started. “Racism exists in America but the word racist has lost its historical meaning,” stated William Owens, author and speaker on the Tea Party Express Tour. He added, “If my white brother was to use – now bear with me – ‘N’ word (Owens spoke the word) in a friendly or playful manner toward me in front of my black brothers, he would be thought of as racist. But, if my black brother greeted me with the same jovial banter, no one would take offence.”

Today, Tea Party HD reported from the National Press Club (NPC) that William Owens spoke passionately about how historically the word “racist” had stood for many difficulties through “slavery,” “lynching” and “not served here.” Owens stated that the word “racism” has been diluted to be nothing more than a “trump card.”

William Owens spoke from the podium as part of Tea Party Express panel; he spoke with calculated measure as to how the word has become trivial; and how it has lost its power. “This word must be respected and considered sacred to the memories of every American’s forefathers.” stated Owens. He added, “Due to political correctness, every American’s words are becoming enslaved to the perceptions of another. This must stop or these words will lose their truth.”

As Owens continued he talked about the need for unity and forgiveness for Mark Williams (former Chairman and Spokesperson for Tea Party Express). “We must stand on the words of the Constitution, as it reminds us of our imperfection. In its preamble it states, we must ‘form a MORE PERFECT union’ not a perfect union … but a more and more perfect Union.” Owens words were powerful as he talked about how the NAACP and their leaders are again falling into a form of slavery. Stating, “This slavery is not of chains and borders, but a slavery of ‘silencing’ words of truth under the guise of racism. If we are to be slaves, then let us be slaves to unity, compassion and love.”

Then he added a famous quote from Martin Luther King who wrote, “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

“It’s good to hear Owens say what so many American’s have believed” stated Tony Loiacono, CEO of Tea Party HD, he added “And, to hear Owens challenge Glenn Beck of playing in to the progressive’s hand during his Tea Party Express Broadcast was also refreshing. The greatest debate is surely being stirred by Owens’ challenge.”

For more information and the video go to: http://www.teapartyhd.com

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Lady Gaga’s Ignorance of AZ Immigration Law Attempts to Brainwash America’s Tweens – As Virginia Immigration Law’s Stands Tall

Getty Image

Getty Image from Atlantic City

As many in the media twist the facts of Airzona law SB1070 and as Virginia law enforcement officials inquire into immigration status of those they stop or arrest – Singer Lady Gaga joined the chorus of critics blasting Arizona’s controversial new immigration law during a sold-out concert at the US Airways Center in Phoenix this weekend Gaga stated “We have to be active. We have to protest. . . . I will yell and I will scream louder,” the pop sensation added. “I will hold you, and we will hold each other, and we will peaceably protest this state.”

Reset America, I said Reset. As our borders AND “land here in America” is occupied by Mexican Cartels. Who really has the rights to America in Arizona? Those that occupy and hold it by its strength are the real owners of the land … occupation by strength is what makes and breaks countryies, is it not? Our Land is for the “Brave and the Free;” and, as Governor Brewer states … American’s are recommended not to come to areas in Arizona even 80 miles inside the Border. ReSet America – become brave again. Political correctness is not bravery nor does it keep us free.

On to key issues that can ensure safety from Americans. U.S. Adm. Mike Mullen, the highest ranking military officer, on Face the Nation yesterday stated that all options against Iran are on the table inclusive of the United States preemptive attack on Iran. Mullen’s reasoning for potential attacks is based solely on intelligence linking Iran to the development of nuclear weapons. “I think the military options have been on the table and remain on the table,” said Mullen on “Meet the Press” on NBC. “It’s one of the options that the president has.”

So the questions remain. 1) At what point would a preemptive attack be appropriate. And, 2) What nations would be part of a Military against Iran

Asked whether the U.S. military has an attack plan, Mullen said: “We do.” He did not elaborate. Mullen, who addressed the topic in the wake of new sanctions against Iran being imposed by the United States, European Union and United Nations, said there is a narrow space between those two options. He said that space involves sanctions, diplomacy and international pressure and that he remains “hopeful” the combination will yield positive results.

As Mullen discusses Iran and potential military actions, European Union foreign ministers last week agreed to impose the most wide-ranging sanctions on Iran, measures include an asset freeze on some 40 Iranian companies believed to be linked to the country’s nuclear program. The sanctions go further than those imposed by the UN in June including clamping down on financial transactions between the EU and Iran.

Sanctions are having political effect in Iran as protests by merchants go into their second week based upon a plan to increase taxes by 70% – Not much different then here where TAX Protests by the Tea Party are active (SEE TEA PARTY FOOTAGE). The Iranian government is evaluating tax increases to overcome a shortfall from falling oil prices. Iran reportedly is in the midst of a massive economic crisis that may cause people to turn against their rulers.

In a separate development, the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani an Iranian woman, who sparked an international outrage after the Iranian government initially sentenced her to death by stoning, was offered asylum by Brazil. Her son brought international attention to her plight, and alerted conservatives to this injustice that brought out Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America (CWA). Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has called on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to allow Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who is still facing execution, to accept the refugee offer.

VIDEO – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tlgx_1CVKLE&feature=player_embedded

As BP’s COO Doug Suttles a tour of the Gulf Area and states “he would eat fish from the Gulf of Mexico water and would let his family eat it, too.” But BP is not talking to Emmy Award Winning Film Maker Spike Lee as he ready’s “If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise” a new four-hour documentary on the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Screenings of the documentary are beginning and air “If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise” airs on August 23 & 24.

As American’s in the Gulf Torn Region continue and hopes of checks for unemployed fisherman, oil workers and more continue … One of two efforts to seal the ruptured BP oil well could begin as early as Monday night, officials said.

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WANTED: Valentine Army Sets Bounty for Video Journalists in 72 US Markets

Phil Valentine, Westwood One Syndicated Radio Host, is building an army of journalists in 72 US markets, and these journalists will be part of television and streaming programming by Tea Party HD. The Valentine Army will provide monthly bounties for accurate and reliable news by journalists at the local level, news that the main stream media often does not report.

Since TV was invented, the television audience was fed one vantage point, from one news camera that was focused on one news reporter’s agenda. The Valentine Army is setting out to change that paradigm. This army of journalists will be reporting from multiple viewpoints utilizing the latest in cell phone and portable video technologies that allow both easy uploads and live streaming in HD quality through devices such as iPhone 4 & CISCO’s FLIP Video.

Budget cuts by the network owned and operated stations at NBC, ABC & CBS have limited the “boots on the streets” reporting. Tea Party HD recognized this, and the advent of organizations and members of the National Tea Party Federation, Tea Party Patriots and PAC’s like the Tea Party Express whose desire to share their voices and report current political news. “The days are over where there is only one viewpoint from one network; now cameras are in the hands of just about every American,” said Phil Valentine, Westwood One Radio Host. He added, “Now, armed with a camera, Americans have the power once only held by the networks to report the news letting their iPhone cameras become the eyewitness; as no one can hide from all of these cameras anymore.”

The Valentine Army is focused on becoming a highly trusted source by organizations such as the networks, the government and consumers. Tea Party HD will begin taking uploads at http://www.teapartyhd.com for use on its network and for syndication to television networks.

“We see this as the intersection of politics and YouTube,” stated Tony Loiacono, Founder/CEO of Tea Party HD. He added, “As stories are reported facts will be mandated to ensure authenticity to help eliminate inaccuracies such as we have recently witnessed by the networks and even the White House.”

For more information: http://www.teapartyhd.com and http://www.valentinearmy.com

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Westwood One Radio Host Phil Valentine & TeaPartyHD Unite – Valentine Army Formed

The Valentine Army: Independent people who love this country and want
the truth reported about what is happening in and to our nation.

The Valentine Army has been developed to supply accurate and reliable
news delivered quicker from the local level than the national networks
report and news that the main stream media often will not report at

The Valentine Army focuses on local and national stories in 72 cities
where The Phil Valentine show is aired. In combination with
TeaPartyHD, the Valentine Army uses the latest technology and the
Internet to provide b-roll, broadcast news, analysis and opinion
pieces about issues in these local markets that have a national

The Valentine Army is a national news group of independent members
developed in the United States in association with TeaPartyHD,
supplying news-wire stories to TeaPartyHD for use on its network and
syndication use for national and local newspapers, television and
radio news, as well as websites and mobile devices with text,
pictures, video and data content. The Valentine Army is a consortium,
that is, a co-operative designed supply news stories from across the
The Valentine Army’s objective is to produce stories with a political
focus and to do so every day of the week. The Valentine Army must be
considered a highly trusted source by organizations such as the
networks, the government and consumers.


By submitting this agreement, I agree to be accurate, complete, fair,
unbiased, truthful and transparent in my reporting as an independent
member. I will operate with integrity as a representative of the
Valentine Army and TeaPartyHD. I will work in support of rights of the
US Constitution and I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United
States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation
under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. I will
report and produce news explaining the facts as fairly, thoroughly,
accurately and honestly as I can. I will always listen to and take
into account of other viewpoints, while being:

– Thorough: Learn as much possible in the time available, and point to
original sources when possible;
– Accurate: Fact checking will always be the focus, and correcting
error promptly (if reported) and incorporate new information learned;
– Open: I will explain my biases and conflicts in any and all
reporting that is opinion based, as appropriate.
– Association: I will have no significant financial or otherwise
direct connection (membership, affiliation, close relationship, etc.)
with an interested party. If there is any such connection, it will be
disclosed openly, and the work will be labeled and/or categorized

I agree, as an active member of the Valentine Army, to uphold the
integrity of this pledge and recognize that I am not employed by
TeaPartyHD or Phil Valentine but an independent reporter.


Each Valentine Army independent members will participate in an award
program established by Phil Valentine and TeaPartyHD. Awards will be
based upon stories provided by the Valentine Army membes and be
allocated on a monthly basis.


A “Member’s Manual” will provide but not be limited to:

– Platforms and tips to ensure and improving reporting skills;
– Positioning tactics to optimize the story for pick-up including
length of segment(s), angles of shoot, writing, interviewing, b-roll
vs. story, fully produced segments, etc.;
– Handling unique-case-scenarios;
– Story ID mandates and announce: identify a source in a story, name and title.
– Short and accurate reporting techniques;
– Preparation of story and working with an Editor; NOT to soothe
audiences, but rather to inform people of realities;
– Interviewing and writing suggestions;
– Ethics and “rookie mistakes;” suggestions for research and fact checking
– Editing suggestions and graphic packages for produced segments (if delivered)
– Outlines mandate for participation including HD camera and sound
equipment, computer meeting specifications and high-speed Internet
– Specifications for delivery of content to TeaPartyHD


The following are the requirements of the Valentine Army members:

– Sign Pledge/Agreement
– Abide by Pledge/Agreement while using Manual as source for guidance
– Have materials, equipment and access as provided in Manual

For more information: http://www.teapartyhd.com

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Broad Street Bullies – The KKK – Arizona SB 1070 & NHL Celebrity Hockey Memories

Commentary by Phil Loiacono

The warning was always real, very real, but the warning was not the only way to be intimated by the BULLY. In my youth, I traveled America, and played hockey as a peewee with the most infamous NHL Bullies; the bullies of the Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins and
Chicago Blackhawks”.

The best memories of Bully tactics came from hearing stories by the Flyers Joe Watson and being in the locker room with legends of the infamous Philadelphia Flyers – the mean machine the Broad Street Bullies. In the 70’s, the Flyers were led by Dave Schultz’s 348
penalty minutes and Bobby Clark’s moves. But it was, Schultzie that had mastered the art of threat and intimation; and it was not just as his smart mouth but he power that preyed on the strongest in the league … his fist, strength and aggression led to numerous victories.

So why do I talk about Bullies today, Arizona is battling an opponent who uses aggressive and strength. But, unlike in a NHL game, where the opponents shake hands after the game, and one holds the Stanley Cup at the end of the season … Arizona is battling to keep people alive, eliminate crime and overcome being known as the 2nd largest kidnapping capital. As TeaPartyHD has reported, the Arizona border extremely porous through miles and miles of its southern border, a border that has between 2-3 thousand illegal’s cross Every Single Day.

Every Political Strategist would agree that there is significant importance of the Hispanicvote, the fastest growing demographic group in the country and, obviously a coveted electoral prize. So as the White House strategists position the bully tactics through a Federal Law Suit – many American’s see the Bully Tactics as a key moment to hit the RESET Button and to stand up to the Bully.

So as I look at the 2 issues at stake (secure the border and worker program or send them back) – I am reminded of another NHL Team’s bully tactics — Stan Mikita, Chicago Blackhawk legend, taught me to bend a perfect curve on my blade, and then, proceeded to show me how the blade should be sharpened to intimidate the opponent — and if the warning did not cause enough intimidation … slice the opponents face with a quick unseen hook when the ref isn’t looking.

So, there’s one more account of Bully Tactics one that goes unpunished … one that if the Ku Klux Klan had done would have a march in Washington by Congressman and Senators AND every America, like myself, that supports the Civil Rights of all Americans.

Why did the Obama administration refuse to pursue the case against the New Black Panther Party? Even Robert Kennedy’s campaign manager, and Civil Rights activist Bartle Bull called this case “said it was the worst case of voter intimidation he has ever seen in his 40 years of practicing civil rights laws.”

For the sake of this great Country … America ‘hit the reset button.’

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