about tea party hd

TeaPartyHD is a TV network devoted to covering the unreported news, a network that delivers live HD quality television, time-shifted programming, video to social sites and the web. TeaPartyHD is coming to your hometown to find the news that affects your liberties right where you live, work and play. We deliver original interviews, commentary and current event programming for our audience, and then deliver it in HD quality to traditional radio, broadcast, satellite and cable TV networks. We share programming devoted to current events, often using interviews and commentary about the issues that impact every American.

TeaPartyHD gives voice to all Americans regardless of race, creed or color. At TeaPartyHD, you can watch talk radio hosts live, view the hottest topics debated by your candidates, experience grass roots events, encourage Americans to stand arm-in-arm via social media tools and more. Through political calendars, blogs, message boards, on-demand software research solutions and boots on the streets, TeaParty.TV connects Americans with others who share their fervor for our constitution.

Our team of journalists, producers, shooters and editors are empowered to seek out and produce the unreported news that the main stream media can’t tell, the stories that affect every American. We desire to bring the gift of their eyes, ears and minds straight to you whether on the computer, mobile device or television


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