NAACP & George Soros’ Media Groups Challenged By Tea Party HD Over Tracking Site

Tea Party HD challenges both George and NAACP as they design website to track Tea Party Movement  … and tells "DINO" George and his followers they need not look any further than to find all of the racism at Tea Party Events … NONE. So “old george” invented it … and his ‘Political Left’ via the “Center for American Progress” (CAP) and its “New Progressive American Movement” continue to shape the United States of America and its political structure … with their futuristic vision of a New World Order. Watch a 2 Part Series from the "Restoring America" rally as produced by Tea Party HD with the support of the RightNetwork.

 Old George Soros is desperate to trash the Tea Party. will be sponsored by the NAACP, Think Progress, New Left Media and Media Matters for America. Think Progress is a George Soros operation connected to John Podesta.

‘At Tea Party HD we have been seeking out any racism and meeting with people all over the country at Tea Party Events" said Tony Loiacono, Tea Party HD, he added "it seems that old George is doing anything he can to stir up racism that DOES NOT EXIST"

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