& Tea Party HD Announce a State of the Art Las Vegas TV Studio, New Technologies & Programming for Conservative Americans

Eric Odom, Founder of, Demands Innovation to Match or Eclipse the Influence of in Campaigns Across the Country

OUT OF LAS VEGAS TODAY –, a new conservative group led by Eric Odom, announced a new state of the art television facility designed by Tea Party HD plus a long term co-production and exclusive distribution agreement. Both and Tea Party HD have been created to harness the energy of the tea party, and now they are launching both long form and short form programming for online and television.

As political source for premier video and syndication, Tea Party HD will provide an exclusive online player for that includes both co-produced and distributed programming:

* SpinDoctors With Chuck Muth
* Blog Left Blog Right
* Upload Liberty
* Teachable Moments (a co-production of the Black Sphere and Tea Party HD)
* Constitution 101 (a Tea Party HD production)
* Liberty’s Belles

“By coupling the strength of including our state of the art online activist hubs, socially driven action campaigns, targeted advertising/marketing campaigns with Tea Party HD’s technical and production expertise everyone wins,” stated Eric Odom, Founder He added, “Today, our audience will become more engaged and knowledgeable about the imperative issues at hand; and the candidates on both sides of the aisle.”

Tea Party HD also syndicates its news content to conservative Web sites via its Video Syndication Network. Together with, they will provide this new syndicated network of site editors and give bloggers the ability to publish video news content culled from the largest markets in the US.

“We are excited to become a content and technology provider for the to introduce new opportunities including extensive coverage of the Conservative Movement,” said Tony Loiacono, CEO, Tea Party HD. He added, “Our technologies and production expertise will enable candidates, advocacy groups and other producers to extend their brand into the ‘Long Tail’ of the Internet and television broadcasting.”

New innovations in technology and programming will be unveiled in the coming weeks as and Tea Party HD clearly demonstrates their ability and willingness to employ the power of syndication and the potential of the ‘Long Tail’ in the syndication marketplace.

As’s leadership continues to blaze new avenues they demonstrate how they’re to eclipse the movement of

For more information on syndication of a Tea Party HD Video Player in your site email:


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