No Race, No Religion, No Politician Is Off Limits For “Teachable Moments” By Tea Party HD & The Black Sphere

Sen. Murkowski Asks “Republican Establishment” For Help … Just Say No – RINO? Mystery Ballots In The Alaskan Pipeline?

You know how to spot a RINO in the closet? They become Independents when they lose the Republican nomination! Will Sen. Murkowski be “outed” or will the tactics of LBJ & Al Franken be the establishment’s game? Remember, No Race. No Religion and No Politician is off limits for “Teachable Moments.”

Arriving just in time for the Mid-Term Elections, “Teachable Moments” features daily political satire minisodes where no topic is off limits. “Teachable Moments” is a co-production between The Black Sphere & Tea Party HD, and their first series is available for web and television syndication immediately, including:
o “Eyes On Sen. Murkowski”
o “What if a Republican Would Have Said That”
o “Sen. Reid and Wife Abuse”
o “The Mosque’d Avenger
o “Real Politicians of Genius”
o “The Race Card”
o “Immigrant For President”

“So the partnership with Tony Loiacono and Tea Party HD was a match made in ‘Irony’ Heaven!” said Kevin Jackson of He added “politicians are an endless supply of ironies and hypocrisies; Teachable Moments educates viewers on the lunacy of government (with their own actions and words), and provides a belly laugh or two.”
“Teachable Moments” will be seen on ABC Sunday Mornings in Las Vegas beginning September 4th and include a host of characters including Red Necks, Muslims, Immigrants as well as key figures like Palin, Reid, Obama, Biden, Lady Gaga and more. For syndication for your website email: For a belly laugh go to: or


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