Diluting Racism to a “Trump Card” Spits in Its Face, States William Owens from Tea Party Express at National Press Club

At National Press Club Tea Party Express

National Black Conservative Speaker William Owens Calls Out “Racist” & “N” Word To Instill Respect

Racist! Racist! Racist! Are you a racist? Am I a racist? From the National Press Club, William Owens part of the Tea Party Express National Black Conservatives press conference started. “Racism exists in America but the word racist has lost its historical meaning,” stated William Owens, author and speaker on the Tea Party Express Tour. He added, “If my white brother was to use – now bear with me – ‘N’ word (Owens spoke the word) in a friendly or playful manner toward me in front of my black brothers, he would be thought of as racist. But, if my black brother greeted me with the same jovial banter, no one would take offence.”

Today, Tea Party HD reported from the National Press Club (NPC) that William Owens spoke passionately about how historically the word “racist” had stood for many difficulties through “slavery,” “lynching” and “not served here.” Owens stated that the word “racism” has been diluted to be nothing more than a “trump card.”

William Owens spoke from the podium as part of Tea Party Express panel; he spoke with calculated measure as to how the word has become trivial; and how it has lost its power. “This word must be respected and considered sacred to the memories of every American’s forefathers.” stated Owens. He added, “Due to political correctness, every American’s words are becoming enslaved to the perceptions of another. This must stop or these words will lose their truth.”

As Owens continued he talked about the need for unity and forgiveness for Mark Williams (former Chairman and Spokesperson for Tea Party Express). “We must stand on the words of the Constitution, as it reminds us of our imperfection. In its preamble it states, we must ‘form a MORE PERFECT union’ not a perfect union … but a more and more perfect Union.” Owens words were powerful as he talked about how the NAACP and their leaders are again falling into a form of slavery. Stating, “This slavery is not of chains and borders, but a slavery of ‘silencing’ words of truth under the guise of racism. If we are to be slaves, then let us be slaves to unity, compassion and love.”

Then he added a famous quote from Martin Luther King who wrote, “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

“It’s good to hear Owens say what so many American’s have believed” stated Tony Loiacono, CEO of Tea Party HD, he added “And, to hear Owens challenge Glenn Beck of playing in to the progressive’s hand during his Tea Party Express Broadcast was also refreshing. The greatest debate is surely being stirred by Owens’ challenge.”

For more information and the video go to: http://www.teapartyhd.com


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