WANTED: Valentine Army Sets Bounty for Video Journalists in 72 US Markets

Phil Valentine, Westwood One Syndicated Radio Host, is building an army of journalists in 72 US markets, and these journalists will be part of television and streaming programming by Tea Party HD. The Valentine Army will provide monthly bounties for accurate and reliable news by journalists at the local level, news that the main stream media often does not report.

Since TV was invented, the television audience was fed one vantage point, from one news camera that was focused on one news reporter’s agenda. The Valentine Army is setting out to change that paradigm. This army of journalists will be reporting from multiple viewpoints utilizing the latest in cell phone and portable video technologies that allow both easy uploads and live streaming in HD quality through devices such as iPhone 4 & CISCO’s FLIP Video.

Budget cuts by the network owned and operated stations at NBC, ABC & CBS have limited the “boots on the streets” reporting. Tea Party HD recognized this, and the advent of organizations and members of the National Tea Party Federation, Tea Party Patriots and PAC’s like the Tea Party Express whose desire to share their voices and report current political news. “The days are over where there is only one viewpoint from one network; now cameras are in the hands of just about every American,” said Phil Valentine, Westwood One Radio Host. He added, “Now, armed with a camera, Americans have the power once only held by the networks to report the news letting their iPhone cameras become the eyewitness; as no one can hide from all of these cameras anymore.”

The Valentine Army is focused on becoming a highly trusted source by organizations such as the networks, the government and consumers. Tea Party HD will begin taking uploads at http://www.teapartyhd.com for use on its network and for syndication to television networks.

“We see this as the intersection of politics and YouTube,” stated Tony Loiacono, Founder/CEO of Tea Party HD. He added, “As stories are reported facts will be mandated to ensure authenticity to help eliminate inaccuracies such as we have recently witnessed by the networks and even the White House.”

For more information: http://www.teapartyhd.com and http://www.valentinearmy.com


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One Response to WANTED: Valentine Army Sets Bounty for Video Journalists in 72 US Markets

  1. Chris says:

    You people are nothing but a bunch of idiot racists who listen to even more idiots like Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, and Fox news. How dumb can you be if you believe in a half governor who doesn’t know what magazines she reads, and has to write notes on the palm of her hand. Duh! Tea party members are loosers, and are racist idiots.

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