Westwood One Radio Host Phil Valentine & TeaPartyHD Unite – Valentine Army Formed

The Valentine Army: Independent people who love this country and want
the truth reported about what is happening in and to our nation.

The Valentine Army has been developed to supply accurate and reliable
news delivered quicker from the local level than the national networks
report and news that the main stream media often will not report at

The Valentine Army focuses on local and national stories in 72 cities
where The Phil Valentine show is aired. In combination with
TeaPartyHD, the Valentine Army uses the latest technology and the
Internet to provide b-roll, broadcast news, analysis and opinion
pieces about issues in these local markets that have a national

The Valentine Army is a national news group of independent members
developed in the United States in association with TeaPartyHD,
supplying news-wire stories to TeaPartyHD for use on its network and
syndication use for national and local newspapers, television and
radio news, as well as websites and mobile devices with text,
pictures, video and data content. The Valentine Army is a consortium,
that is, a co-operative designed supply news stories from across the
The Valentine Army’s objective is to produce stories with a political
focus and to do so every day of the week. The Valentine Army must be
considered a highly trusted source by organizations such as the
networks, the government and consumers.


By submitting this agreement, I agree to be accurate, complete, fair,
unbiased, truthful and transparent in my reporting as an independent
member. I will operate with integrity as a representative of the
Valentine Army and TeaPartyHD. I will work in support of rights of the
US Constitution and I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United
States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation
under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. I will
report and produce news explaining the facts as fairly, thoroughly,
accurately and honestly as I can. I will always listen to and take
into account of other viewpoints, while being:

– Thorough: Learn as much possible in the time available, and point to
original sources when possible;
– Accurate: Fact checking will always be the focus, and correcting
error promptly (if reported) and incorporate new information learned;
– Open: I will explain my biases and conflicts in any and all
reporting that is opinion based, as appropriate.
– Association: I will have no significant financial or otherwise
direct connection (membership, affiliation, close relationship, etc.)
with an interested party. If there is any such connection, it will be
disclosed openly, and the work will be labeled and/or categorized

I agree, as an active member of the Valentine Army, to uphold the
integrity of this pledge and recognize that I am not employed by
TeaPartyHD or Phil Valentine but an independent reporter.


Each Valentine Army independent members will participate in an award
program established by Phil Valentine and TeaPartyHD. Awards will be
based upon stories provided by the Valentine Army membes and be
allocated on a monthly basis.


A “Member’s Manual” will provide but not be limited to:

– Platforms and tips to ensure and improving reporting skills;
– Positioning tactics to optimize the story for pick-up including
length of segment(s), angles of shoot, writing, interviewing, b-roll
vs. story, fully produced segments, etc.;
– Handling unique-case-scenarios;
– Story ID mandates and announce: identify a source in a story, name and title.
– Short and accurate reporting techniques;
– Preparation of story and working with an Editor; NOT to soothe
audiences, but rather to inform people of realities;
– Interviewing and writing suggestions;
– Ethics and “rookie mistakes;” suggestions for research and fact checking
– Editing suggestions and graphic packages for produced segments (if delivered)
– Outlines mandate for participation including HD camera and sound
equipment, computer meeting specifications and high-speed Internet
– Specifications for delivery of content to TeaPartyHD


The following are the requirements of the Valentine Army members:

– Sign Pledge/Agreement
– Abide by Pledge/Agreement while using Manual as source for guidance
– Have materials, equipment and access as provided in Manual

For more information: http://www.teapartyhd.com


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One Response to Westwood One Radio Host Phil Valentine & TeaPartyHD Unite – Valentine Army Formed

  1. Shilo Turri says:

    I am so glad this site is here! I would like to get involved!

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