Broad Street Bullies – The KKK – Arizona SB 1070 & NHL Celebrity Hockey Memories

Commentary by Phil Loiacono

The warning was always real, very real, but the warning was not the only way to be intimated by the BULLY. In my youth, I traveled America, and played hockey as a peewee with the most infamous NHL Bullies; the bullies of the Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins and
Chicago Blackhawks”.

The best memories of Bully tactics came from hearing stories by the Flyers Joe Watson and being in the locker room with legends of the infamous Philadelphia Flyers – the mean machine the Broad Street Bullies. In the 70’s, the Flyers were led by Dave Schultz’s 348
penalty minutes and Bobby Clark’s moves. But it was, Schultzie that had mastered the art of threat and intimation; and it was not just as his smart mouth but he power that preyed on the strongest in the league … his fist, strength and aggression led to numerous victories.

So why do I talk about Bullies today, Arizona is battling an opponent who uses aggressive and strength. But, unlike in a NHL game, where the opponents shake hands after the game, and one holds the Stanley Cup at the end of the season … Arizona is battling to keep people alive, eliminate crime and overcome being known as the 2nd largest kidnapping capital. As TeaPartyHD has reported, the Arizona border extremely porous through miles and miles of its southern border, a border that has between 2-3 thousand illegal’s cross Every Single Day.

Every Political Strategist would agree that there is significant importance of the Hispanicvote, the fastest growing demographic group in the country and, obviously a coveted electoral prize. So as the White House strategists position the bully tactics through a Federal Law Suit – many American’s see the Bully Tactics as a key moment to hit the RESET Button and to stand up to the Bully.

So as I look at the 2 issues at stake (secure the border and worker program or send them back) – I am reminded of another NHL Team’s bully tactics — Stan Mikita, Chicago Blackhawk legend, taught me to bend a perfect curve on my blade, and then, proceeded to show me how the blade should be sharpened to intimidate the opponent — and if the warning did not cause enough intimidation … slice the opponents face with a quick unseen hook when the ref isn’t looking.

So, there’s one more account of Bully Tactics one that goes unpunished … one that if the Ku Klux Klan had done would have a march in Washington by Congressman and Senators AND every America, like myself, that supports the Civil Rights of all Americans.

Why did the Obama administration refuse to pursue the case against the New Black Panther Party? Even Robert Kennedy’s campaign manager, and Civil Rights activist Bartle Bull called this case “said it was the worst case of voter intimidation he has ever seen in his 40 years of practicing civil rights laws.”

For the sake of this great Country … America ‘hit the reset button.’


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