LIVE JULY 4th – Matt Perdie’s ‘Walk Across America’ ENDS – Watch at 5:30 PM as US Flag on Perdie’s shoulder is stuck in the sand at Santa Monica

JULY 4th Sunday (LIVE 5:30 to 6:30 pm) – At 23 years of age, Matt Perdie began walking on June 22, 2009 across this vast and great country with the quest of placing the American flag in the sand at the Santa Monica Pier. Now, 374 days later his quest is only 1 days away. As Tea Party HD sat down with Perdie, in advance of his last 50 miles in 24 hours that begins in Claremont, CA at 6 pm today, he explained how it has changed his life. “As I walked across this great country, I often was inspired by the people’s encouragement for my mission of spreading the word about the need for smaller government and conservative fiscal responsibility” said Perdie. He adds, “The song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ from Rocky 3 played on my iPod often and encouraged many of my steps.” Although a fictional character, the inspiration of the song became undeniable.

Much like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 3, a beaten fighter with the heart of a tiger desiring to overcome adversity and pain, Matt Perdie battled sores and emotions as he traveled through Veteran Memorials and Civil War battle grounds that reminded him of the freedoms fought for by his forefathers. In Rocky 3, Apollo Creed told Rocky Balboa, when referring to his earlier victories, “You had that eye of the tiger, man; the edge! And now you gotta get it back, and the way to get it back is to go back to the beginning. You know what I mean?” Today, Matt draws greater meaning from this quote after talking to hundreds of Americans who have told him “let’s take back America and let’s stop the bleeding.” Matt’s trek across America allowed him numerous conversations with people of every race, creed and color; patriotic Americans in every state encouraged his quest and one became his ally in the walk.
In Austin, Texas he met another young man that shared the passion for our country and desired to follow in his footsteps; his name is Brooks Blanton. So why would another follow the lead of a young Tea Party Patriot, a former editor of the Tea Party Movie? “If a government is big enough to give you everything, the government is strong enough to take everything you have,” stated Blanton. Then Perdie added, “America is the birth place of freedom, if we lose it here, what makes us think we will ever get it back or what makes us believe other nations will embrace our freedom and our Constitution?”

The ‘eye of the tiger’ theme song inspired Perdie during the tough times, and his quest inspired another; and the American flag that he will stick deep in the sand on Sunday will inspire more and more. “I hope that every American will stand tall this Independence Day for what is still being fought for around the globe by brave Americans” stated Phil Loiacono. He added, “I hope that every American salutes the flag every day, but importantly on this July 4th, as we recognize the Constitutional freedoms of our independence of thought, expression, press and equality that has inspired these young men to Walk Across America.” To view the interview with Matt Perdie go to: or TeaParty.TV
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