US Government Place Signs 80 Miles inside the USA as Mexican Gangs Live, Work and Control Permanent Bases on US Soil On The Tohono Indian Reservation

Arizona’s Governor pleads for support after 524 Guards are promised to help control its’ border, American’s view the crucial issue of reform as a political football

(Phoenix, AZ – July 1, 2010) – In the United States, Mexican gangs live, work, smuggle and control permanent bases on the Tohono Indian Reservation in Arizona, a reservation the size of Connecticut. Senator Kyl and Senator McCain view the gangs on the high ground in Arizona and Senator Kyl states “there’s the hill, the drug cartels are up there right nowwatching us.” Kyl was speaking of the equipment used by these gangs, equipment that rivals that of US Border Patrol, including secured communication, night vision, armed vehicles and surveillance equipment just miles from the cattle fence at the San Miguel Gate west of Nogales.

As President Obama speaks today on immigration, a speech that the New York Times views as “a major speech on immigration,” Americans are hoping that the President steps forward to reassert leadership in our Federal Government. As the political football is tossed back and forth without any resolve, a ball that calls for securing the border or a providing legal pathway for illegal immigrants, Americans are becoming frustrated and our leadership is pointing fingers. Senator Kyl stated that President Obama said “if we secure the border then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.”

As Arizona Governor Brewer spoke from 80 miles inside the US border, she pointed to official signs placed in her State by Government Officials – one read “Travel Caution Smuggling and Illegal Immigration May Be Encountered In This Area” and another “Danger – Public Warning Travel Not Recommended.” And, just miles from the border, where inside the US Mexican Gang reside, Tohono O’odham tribal police are saddened by their unemployed youth who are taking bribes to make the 45 minute easy truck back and forth across the border for the gangs.

As Teaparty HD has reported “a five-strand barbed-wire fence is all that separates the United States and Mexico in this remote southeastern corner of America’s second-largest Indian nation.” As our President addresses Americans, its sons and daughters are being killed and our politian’s continue to demonstrate a lack of leadership of implementation of workable solutions. Yes, Americans desire reform and they desire a secure border. So as Arizona’s SB1070 now seems imminent, the President must address the underlying issues that led to passage of the Arizona law.

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