Bill Warner Author and Sharia Expert LIVE TODAY – Americans Becoming Increasingly Aware Of Islamic Political System & Kafirs

LIVE Today at 4 PST on, author and Sharia Law expert Bill Warner will be analyzing Tuesday’s interview of Sheikh Ossama Bahloul of Murfreesboro, TN and his research on Sharia Law including Muslims beliefs about non-Muslims (kafirs). “Each and every demand that Muslims make is based on the idea of implementing Sharia Law in America.” States Bill Warner, author of Sharia Law For Non-Muslims.

As 6th District of Tennessee (Murfreesboro) Republican candidate for Congress Lou Ann Zelenik argue against the building of a mosque others are asking important questions. In TeaPartyHD’s Tuesday interview by Rutherford County Tea Party Founder, Chris Beach, Imam stated “I cannot find any part of Sharia Law that conflicts with the Constitution. I wish all countries would adopt the Constitution.” Bill Warner told TeaPartyHD after watching the interview “you need to dig deeper into the Takiya, the sacred deceit and into the dualism of Sharia Law – one law for Muslims and one law for kafirs.”

Specifically, non-Muslims are known as kafirs. About 64% of the Koran is about kafirs, not how to be a Muslim. This raises the question that will be asked in the interview by TeaPartyHD today “Is the Koran more about politics than religion and it seems that Sharia Law is very clear about the inferior legal status of non-Muslims that leads to the denigration of the kafirs. It is widely recognized that there is little, if any good words, in the Koran about kafirs. Here is an example:

Koran 8:59 Let not the kafirs think that they will ever get away. They have not the power so to do. Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your command, so that you may strike terror into the enemy of God and your enemy, and others besides them who are unknown to you but known to God. All that you give in the cause of God shall be repaid to you.

Tea Party HD continues to pursue “Tough Love” discussions and experts that the mainstream media will not address, questions that ask of the dangers of a political system that is opposes the laws of our land. If you are not a Muslim, you are a KAFIR … find out today what this really means.


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