Sharia Law Vs. Constitutional Rights For All People Is Heating Up Tennessee 6th Race, Dearborn Michigan & Oklahoma

Candidates for the U.S. Congress In Tennessee 6th District Debate Sharia Law NOT Only Whether A Mosque Should Be Built.

As Oklahoma State Rep. Rex Duncan, has called for a “preemptive strike” against Shariah Law coming to his state others across the country are taking a stand against it also. Before judges in states turn to citing internation law for decisions, candidates throughout America are beginning to take the issue of Sharia Law while standing up for all American’s Constitutional rights.

Duncan said in a statement after the vote that he hopes other states will soon follow Oklahoma’s lead. “Judges in other states and on the federal bench have increasingly turned to citing international law in their court decisions, something I and others feel is grossly inappropriate in a sovereign state such as our own,” he said.

In the 6th District of Tennessee, a Republican candidate for Congress Lou Ann Zelenik argued against building a mosque in a Nashville’s suburb because it poses a “threat to her state’s moral and political foundation.” She describes the planned mosque as an “Islamic training center,” and stands “with those who oppose” building it. But, the real question is if “Sharia Law” provides the foundation of the Islamic Training Center and will it be propogated by the its’ leadership? Sharia Law often conflicts with the basic freedoms and laws of US Constitution such as equality between Muslims and Non-Muslims (Kafirs), females vs. males values, the ability for Muslims to bear arms but not Non-Muslims and more. In Tennessee, candidates are asking these important questions to the Mosque’s leadership and evaluating if this new “training center” will propogate these teachings as its’ foundation.

As this debate heats up, American’s around the country are becoming interested in the foundational issues of the Muslim faith and how it could change our judicial system in the future. American’s see the potential of the US facing some of the same issues in Europe if Sharia Law is used in the American judicial system. In Europe today entire areas are no-go zones for non-Muslims including the police and Christians may not speak to Muslims about Christianity nor can they hand out literature. Further, it is recognized that Sharia law refutes freedom of religion, speech and thought; it disallows freedom artistic expression, freedom press nor does it allow for equal protection of rights for women like Lou Ann Zelenik. And importantly, unlike common law of the United States of America, Sharia is not interpretive, it cannot be changed based upon the people.


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