Mexican Gangs Have Easy USA Access Day & Night – San Miguel Gate on Tohono Indian Reservation Has Been Easy Access For Hundreds Of Years (TV UPDATES on

Danger Lerks Due To Open Border - Started 100's of Years Ago

The Gate Of Supply For Mexican Gangs Day & Night

The Gate Needs No Explanation Why Supply Chains Are OPEN To Mexican Gangs Set Up In USA – TOHONO O’ODHAM NATION , ARIZONA (TV Updates on

The Mexican Gangs have set up bases in the USA, but the real story is how open the border is for daily supplies that run day and night for Mexican Gangs in the USA. This 75 mile stretch of US Border, in this remote location as large as the State of Connecticut, on the Tohono Reservation extends to the Goldwater Gunnery Range at Gila Bend. But, on the Tohono Indian Reservation, a five-strand barbed-wire fence is all that separates the United States and Mexico in this remote southeastern corner of America’s second-largest Indian nation. The US Border Patrolhas had limited U.S. law enforcement is checking documents as people move back and forth at a crossing.

Now this steel cattle guard, known as the San Miguel Gate is running like a open water line. Tohono O’odham tribal police are frustrated due to Mexican Gangs paying unemployed Tohono Indians smuggling fees for the 45 minute truck across the border. In addition, in the Sonora Desert region the mountains provide a lookout now on the US side for these gangs.

The equipment used by these Gangs is as good as the US Border Patrol, and we are not just talking about the weapons, but electronics, communication and night vision equipment that rivals the US Forces.

For hundreds of years, officially, only members of the Tohono O’odham Nation were allowed to pass through the San Miguel Gate. But, there were no signs warn non-members
against crossing. The biggest obstacles to traversing the border at the San Miguel Gate, it seems, was the six-inch gaps between the steel rails of the cattle guard there.

Today, this area is out of control and becoming a haven for smuggling of drugs, people and weapons back and forth including a full supply line to the Mexican Gangs in permanent lookout bases in the mountains just imiles inside the US Border.

Senator Kyl and Senator McCain as well as Governor Jan Brewer are fully aware, but are not getting the support by the President to secure. And, just recently, Kyl has stated that the President is holding the Senate hostage. Kyl states that in a private meeting with President Obama he stated “if we secure the border then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform.”


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