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Chris Mathews

MSNBC’s “The Rise of the New Right” documentary, hosted by Chris Matthews, is generating very negative reactions by Tea party groups and conservative groups nationwide. On Thursday, Dick Armey Chairman, Freedomworks expressed repugnance with Matthews personal involvement in the project. Many from the Tea Party movement are infuriated by charges that “they taunted” black members of Congress, when in reality it was a fringe group during the March 2010 health care vote. Further, the project projects Tea Party Activists as a militia movement.

“He’s a better person than that,” Armey said. “What’s he doing? He’s given himself over to something. I like him, personally, but it was sort of like — I had the feeling like my favorite nephew was doing something out of character. Chris, you’re better than this.”

Today, FreedomWorks is circulating a letter calling for a boycott of Dawn and Proctor and Gamble, asking tea partyers to “call, fax, or email” the company until it drops advertising during Hardball.

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