Joe “The Plumber” & NFC-PAC Support Lou Ann Zelenick As 6th District TN US Congress Candidate

Joe The Plumber Face To Face With Then President Elect Obama

NFC-PAC Founder Bill Hemrick To Travel With Radio Host Steve Gill, Lou Ann Zelenick & Joe The Plumber Thurs-Saturday

Joe The Plumber will be traveling the 6th District of Tennessee to support Lou Ann Zelenick US Congress Candidate together with syndicated Radio Host Steve Gill (WLAC), NFC-PAC founder Bill Hemrick. Lou Ann was recently awarded the honor of “Conservative of the Year” at the banquet hosted by the National Fiscal Conservative-PAC on Saturday May 29th 2010.

Ann Coulter was the keynote speaker at a banquet held at the Sheraton Downtown in Nashville, TN. The NFC-PAC was holding the banquet to raise funds in support of conservative candidates across the country in this year’s elections. Conservative Columnist, author and commentator, Ann Coulter was the featured speaker for the event, which drew approximately 400 people..

Watch LIVE Tomorrow Afternoon on or TeaParty.TV.


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