News The Main Stream Media CAN’T Tell At TeaPartyHD You Get Tough Love —

The DARE; The Challenge … Tough Love is Not Found In Main Stream Media.

Watch the back story of a Tea Party protest in North Carolina that turned
violent between a Tea Party Activist & Left Wing Intruder – See information
on 1st Amendment “Free Speech” rights being tested by our government in the
Grudge Report and follow candidates on the path to election against
incumbents like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. At TeaPartyHD the keep
it ‘raw and real’ for ‘hard working americans.’

A dare from the TeaPartyHD team requires each American to ask any main
stream reporter; are there stories ‘you can’t tell’ or you would lose your
job. Report back, as you will find the ‘truth’ is held back. Why? Because
‘tough love’ mandates stopping entitlements that quench the ‘spirit of our
forefathers.’ Americans don’t need to be enabled they need to stand up
and be counted.

TeaPartyHD is focused on news reporting and the desire is to empower the
conservatives from our youth to old age through digital devices, debate
forums, social media, peer-backed research and real-raw, real-time current
political news.

For more information, and to view the news go to: or


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